2017 Natural Choice Awards Winners

Sponsored by Natural Awakenings magazine, the 2017 Natural Choice Awards program gives readers the opportunity to select the individuals and businesses across the Phoenix-metro area that deserve recognition for their efforts in health and wellness, and green living. Winners are determined by popular vote from online ballot submissions at NaturalAz.com, from May 1 to July 14, 2017.



Naturopathic Physician:  Dr. Elizabeth Gillman

Runner-up:  Dr. Marianne Marchese


Homeopathic Physician:  Dr. Elizabeth Gillman

Runner-up:  Dr. Stephen Messer


Holistic M.D.:  Dr. Jack Wolfson

Runner-up:  Dr. Siri Chand Khalsa


Holistic Dentist:  Dr. Michael Margolis

Runner-up:  Dr. Lisa Butler


Chiropractor:  Dr. Sara Penton

Runner-up:  Dr. Rebecca Kleckner


Optometrist:  Dr. Jerome Benkel

Runner-up:  Dr. Dennis Cooper


Acupuncturist:  Ashlee Halsell

Runner-up:  Dr. Elizabeth Gillman


Colon Hydrotherapy:  Dee Munsterman

Runner-up:  Carolyn Berry


Bodyworker:  Marlenne Busani

Runner-up:  Pam Sears


Physical Therapist:  Thomas Farnsworth

Runner-up:  Dr. Robyn Wilhelm


Massage Therapist:  Marlenne Busani

Runner-up:  Pam Sears


Craniosacral Practitioner:  Pam Sears

Runner-up:  Millie Mason


Personal Trainer:  Robert Bawol

Runner-up:  Katie Stumbo


Yoga Instructor:  Erica Vucich

Runner-up:  Amy Stephens


Yoga Studio:  Vibetality

Runner-up:  Anahata Yoga


Women’s Health Specialist:  Dr. Marianne Marchese

Runner-up:  Dr. Alexandra Mayer


Men’s Health Specialist:  Dr. Matthew Hernandez

Runner-up:  Dr. Phranq Tamburri


Dietitian/Nutritionist:  Maya Nahra

Runner-up:  Colleen Forgus


Herbalist:  Brittney Sounart

Runner-up:  Melanie Dunlap


Counselor:  Marianne Turley

Runner-up:  LeeAnn Kuang


Life Coach:  Dr. Martha Reed

Runner-up:  Krystel Reyes


Meditation Leader:  Stephanie Phelps

Runner-up:  Dr. Martha Reed


School for Holistic Medicine:  Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

Runner-up:  Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine & Health Sciences


Weight Loss Program/Center:  Dr. Martha Reed

Runner-up:  City Health Services


Reflexologist:  Glenda Bokamper

Runner-up:  Sandi Randolph


Ayurvedic:  Richard Humphreys

Runner-up:  Lorilee Gillmore


Aromatherapist:  Lola King

Runner-up:  April Jaeger


Natural Healing Center:  Peaceful Spirit Enrichment Center

Runner-up:  Absolute Health


Reiki Practitioner:  Dr. Martha Reed

Runner-up:  De Alva Ward


Energy Healer:  Stephanie Phelps

Runner-up:  Amy Stephens


Intuitive Reader:  Melinda Vail

Runner-up:  Dr. Martha Reed


Enlightened Books/Gift Store:  Storm Wisdom

Runner-up:  Changing Hands


Spiritual Center:  Insights for Life

Runner-up:  Storm Wisdom


Organic Eatery:  Pomegranate Cafe

Runner-up:  Flower Child


Vegan Eatery:  Pomegranate Cafe

Runner-up:  Uprooted Kitchen


Gluten-Free Menu:  Picazzo’s

Runner-up:  Jewel’s Bakery and Café


Gluten-Free Baker:  Sonya Stockhaus

Runner-up:  Jewel’s Bakery and Café


Farmers’ Market:  Gilbert Farmers’ Market

Runner-up:  Phoenix Public Open Air Market


CSA:  Blue Sky Organic Farms

Runner-up:  Steadfast Farm


Health Food Store:  Sprouts Farmers Market

Runner-up:  Natural Grocers


Healthy Home:  Mighty H2O

Runner-up:  Organic Living


Green Pest Control:  Green Mango Pest Control

Runner-up:  Arizona Organic Pest & Termite Control


Green Maids:  Eco Mama Green Clean

Runner-up:  Mighty H2O


Natural Pet Care:  Andrea Sobotka

Runner-up:  Noble Beast


Natural Salon/Spa/Nail Care:  Inner Radiance Spa

Runner-up:  Glenda Bokamper


Natural Skin Care:  Inner Radiance Spa

Runner-up:  True Balance Wellness


Eco-Friendly Transportation:  Tesla

Runner-up:  Valley Metro Light Rail


Solar Provider:  Sun Valley Solar Solutions

Runner-up:  Arizona Solar Concepts


Green Realtor:  Jan Green

Runner-up:  Melisa Camp


Creative Arts:  Allura Westly

Runner-up:  Vikki Reed


Non-Profit Organization:  The Joy Bus

Runner-up:  World Connections Foundation


Green Business of the Year:  Eco Mama Green Clean

Runner-up:  Mighty H2O


Holistic Business of the Year:  Desert Sage Herbs

Runner-up:  The Conscious Community


Health & Wellness Business of the Year:  Vibetality

Runner-up:  Peaceful Spirit Enrichment Center